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Latinos are a large and growing part of the U.S. population, a group that often requires distinct decision making among marketers. Now, you can reach this critical demographic cost-effectively each week through ORC International’s Hispanic CARAVAN® Consumer Omnibus.

This shared cost, bilingual online survey classifies respondents into one of three categories: Less Acculturated, Bicultural, and Acculturated.  With this survey, you will be able to capture robust information quickly and cost effectively so you can develop the right strategies to reach the Hispanic market.

Each wave consists of 500 online interviews among Hispanic adults (18 years old and older) distributed by gender, age and region. Respondents can answer the survey in their choice of English or Spanish. Our acculturation model goes beyond language spoken at home and also includes country of birth, length of time lived in the United States (where relevant), TV consumption language and if the respondent identifies more as American or Hispanic.

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