Never has it been more important to invite your customers into your innovation process…and ORC has a cost-effective, fast and robust way to create a funnel of customer-led ideas directly into your organization.

Digital hives feature discussion boards, live chats, surveys, co-creation challenges, blogs, mobile ethnography capabilities, photo and video collaging, and more. The platform is agile, low-cost, and simple enough that a particular hive can be launched in under a week. Innovation hives are also unique because they are focused on a particular topic or challenge for a more limited duration than online communities (generally three months or less) and their membership is comprised of a smaller group of forward-thinkers (usually ~100 people).

A 12 week ORC Innovation Hive engages in a 2 stage process, first uncovering category whitespace, pain points, discussing needs for future product innovation; next leading customers through guided co-creation of solutions… from open ideation through intra-hive refinement of best performing ideas.

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