Employer Branding

Want to win the battle for talent? Struggling to engage current staff? Looking to improve growth and performance? Then it’s time to invest and take control of your employer brand.


A great employer brand can propel your organization to the top of the talent pool. Not to mention lowering your hiring costs, and increasing engagement and performance. 

Great employer brands are created strategically – they are authentic, attractive and distinct – and implemented with discipline.

Great employer brands are grounded in a value proposition that’s authentic, distinct and attractive, but it doesn’t stop there – your value proposition must be successfully implemented internally and externally, and measured and optimized along the way.

At ORC international, we can partner with you every step of the way to ensure your employer brand is created and activated successfully. Our employee engagement and culture experts are specialists in helping organizations understand how to attract, engage and retain talent, creating happy, healthy and successful workplaces.


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